Inflatable Body Bag


pixiepeemagicSession Report

I’m sitting naked on a chair inside a lab. Professor Pixie is sat across from me, pen and clipboard in hand. Earlier she had welcomed me amicably and made sure that I’m undergoing this examination of my own free will and for the benefit of science.Yes, and perhaps also to get a good grade for my PhD in psychology. The topic of my studies – „Deviant sexual practices in contemporary males“ – was suggested by Dr. Magic herself.I find this situation somewhat uncomfortable. It soon transpires that Pixie has thoroughly studied the questionnaire form I had to fill in on the topic of my „sexual deviations“. The chair I’m sitting on feels suspiciously slippery under my bum, as if smeared with lubricant. I listed „slippery things“ in the questionnaire among „things that excite me“. HUMILIATING QUESTIONING WITH ELECTRICAL STIMULATION Dr. Pixie wants to subject me to a humiliating questioning about my sexual deviations. I’m somewhat reluctant, I’m her student after all! It’s obvious to both of us that the slippery surface under my bum is making me horny. I’m told to slide faster back and forth on the seat. Dr. Magic binds me to the chair with shrink-wrap. „So that …