Inflatable Body Bag


pixiepeemagicSession Report

I’m sitting naked on a chair inside a lab. Professor Pixie is sat across from me, pen and clipboard in hand. Earlier she had welcomed me amicably and made sure that I’m undergoing this examination of my own free will and for the benefit of science.
Yes, and perhaps also to get a good grade for my PhD in psychology. The topic of my studies – „Deviant sexual practices in contemporary males“ – was suggested by Dr. Magic herself.
I find this situation somewhat uncomfortable. It soon transpires that Pixie has thoroughly studied the questionnaire form I had to fill in on the topic of my „sexual deviations“. The chair I’m sitting on feels suspiciously slippery under my bum, as if smeared with lubricant. I listed „slippery things“ in the questionnaire among „things that excite me“.


Dr. Pixie wants to subject me to a humiliating questioning about my sexual deviations. I’m somewhat reluctant, I’m her student after all! It’s obvious to both of us that the slippery surface under my bum is making me horny. I’m told to slide faster back and forth on the seat. Dr. Magic binds me to the chair with shrink-wrap. „So that you don’t fall down“ – it also comes in handy when she hooks up electric wires to my private parts. „This works like a lie detector“. If I get the feeling that your answers aren’t scientifically valid, I’m going to have to increase the current. If you give no answer at all, you’ll get double the voltage.
I sense Dr. Pixie’s piercing gaze on my genitals. Then comes the first electric shock. She notices my reaction. „You were red in the face just before, and now you have red spots on your neck. Your forehead is sweaty!“
She turns up the current.
I’m trying to give an answer, stammering. Not good enough. Pixie gets up from her chair and circles around me. She touches my wet forehead, softly strokes my arms, runs her nails over my torso so that I get goosebumps. Her cheek touches mine. She wraps her arms around my body and I can enjoy the closeness and warmth which she gives off. It’s electrifying: I let go and enjoy this moment of intimacy.
„You’re under my control now, dear“, Pixie whispers in my ear. „Let me show you“. Her hands wander upwards, over my mouth and my nose. I’m allowed to breathe again only after I nod my readiness to give honest answers.


As I confess my fascination with latex to her, Pixie springs to her feet. „Let’s test it!“. The pressure is mounting.
Soon after Pixie zips me up inside a light blue heavy rubber bag. It’s pretty slippery on the inside – Pixie has poured half a bottle of silicon oil on me and in the rubber bag.
I can’t wipe the blissful smile off my face – I’m feeling so slippery inside the latex bag, I can’t get out, and things are going to stay that way for a while. My sensations change as Pixie switches on the air compressor to blow up the body bag and my body gradually loses contact with the floor. I’m giggling and swearing at this bizarre sensation.
Pixie is amused to see me like that. „Now that’s better. But I you’re still not slippery enough.“


With a smile which worries me, she opens a zipper on the Latex bag, the one I hadn’t been aware of. As her latex gloved hand slips inside the body bag, her fingers close around my private parts. The level of my nervousness goes up, as does my prick… But then she straddles me, just over the opening in the bag. I hear splashing sounds and it’s getting warmer and even more slippery inside the rubber bag. Pixie then pumps some more air into it.


I was about to relax when I sense how full my bladder is. Nothing strange about that – Dr. Pixie has made me drink lots of warm water throughout the experiment – and I’m now feeling the effects.
„I think I need to go take a pee.“ 
„Very well! Then pee.“
„Just like that?“
„Go ahead“
She sits down on the bloated Latex bag, pressing down on my bladder, which is protesting. I give off a moan.
„Bladder resistance under pressure inside a latex bag is part of my research, too“
„In other words, I won’t let you out until you’ve relieved yourself, too.“
I feel the sweat on my forehead again. More from shame than from the heat. I can’t just piss myself! That what I think and what I say out loud.
„Is that what you think?“ Pixie asks. „I reckon, yes, you can“ says she, stands up and leaves.
I breathe in and out deeply. I can already feel it, yes. But I’m still holding out.
Pixie is back. She waves a freshly filled water bottle at me. I gasp.

The pressure is mounting.